India records highest single-day surge

India records highest single-day surge

India entered the fourth day of lockdown with the grim news that it recorded the highest single-day growth with 124 new cases talking the overall tally to 854 and 20 dead.

The earliest single-day spike was 100 on last Monday but a surge of the case from Kerala make the overall situation grimmer.

This infographic gives a complete picture of India up to the district level and it has been developed by IIT, Mumbai

Meanwhile, the center has decided to refocus on the 15 lakh people who traveled from abroad to India.

In Assam, after a disastrous third day when hundreds of market opened,  the fourth day of lockdown started gingerly but in Upper Assam, there is an underlying picnic mood while in the Muslim dominated char areas, enforcement has been a problem as in some places it has failed.

Meanwhile, Assam is adding 700 fresh MBBS final year students to the front line as the second line of defense by giving them a prep class which includes even the final year nursing students as well as those ward boys who are newly recruited.

There has been not a single case in Assam, so far but there is tremendous preparedness as critical equipment like PPE are flown in while news field hospitals are coming up.

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