'Madras Eye' Cases Rising: 1.5 Lakhs Cases Recorded In Tamil Nadu

The number of people infected with 'Madras Eye' has increased exponentially in Tamil Nadu. Here's what you need to know.
Madras Eye
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A rise in reported occurrences of Conjunctivitis has been observed across the state of Tamil Nadu, in direct correlation with the state's persistent wet weather. Weather in Chennai has dropped to a cool 24 degrees

The Symptoms Of Madras Eye Include

  • Redness,

  • Itching,

  • Irritation,

  • Gritty feeling in the eyes.

There's also the possibility that they'll have tear-like discharge from their eyes. It's typical for the infection to progress to the opposite eye. Children are becoming increasingly susceptible to the disease. The state health minister has recommended conjunctivitis sufferers to avoid contact with others.

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The increasing number of instances of conjunctivitis, or "Madras Eye," is causing a lot of worry in Tamil Nadu. Minister tells HT that 1.5 lakh persons in Tamil Nadu have been diagnosed with Conjunctivitis since the northeast monsoon began. A minimum of 80 to 100 cases of conjunctivitis are detected daily in 10 eye care centres of Chennai, he added. In particular, HT saw an increase in instances in Salem and Dharmapuri districts.

The health department of Tamil Nadu has issued a warning to the public about Conjunctivitis, popularly known as 'Madras Eye,' due to an increase in reported cases. About 4,500 people in the state shockingly develop an eye infection every day.

According to HT, Dr. Srinivasan G. Rao, Senior Ophthalmologist and Regional Head, Clinical Services at the Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital in Chennai, sees at least 500 patients with conjunctivitis every day. He attributes the continuous rains as the primary cause of the rise in case load. Adenovirus infections account for 90% of all cases. M Subramaniam, the health minister of Tamil Nadu, has urged those who have conjunctivitis to stay home to avoid spreading of the communicable disease.

Two different things can trigger conjunctivitis. Both bacteria and viruses can cause this condition. Madras The common cold is contagious but eye infections are not. Transmission is place via conjunctival fluids. People with conjunctivitis frequently touch their eyes, which can spread the infection. However, if the discharge makes touch with another person or an inanimate item, the infective virus or bacterium might be passed on.

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