Hojai: 56 Travellers from Mumbai Try to Abscond, Later Apprehended


Chaos erupted at Hojai railway station on Tuesday midnight after a group of people pulled the emergency chain of the Lokmanya Tilak Shramik special train coming from Mumbai to Dibrugarh.

56 numbers of passengers have got down from the train by pulling the chain at Hojai. The train halted in the station for seven minutes after the passengers pulled the emergency chain.

Following the incident, the Government Railway Police Force (GRPF) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) apprehended the passengers from the street.

Out of these passengers, one has been apprehended from Hojai market after he absconded from the scene.

Out of the 56 passengers, 31 are from Murajhar, 16 from Lanka, 2 from Yamunamukh, 2 from Hojai, and 4 from Doboka.

The incident created a sensation in the Hojai station as these workers came from Mumbai, the worst affected city of COVID-19, and tried to abscond from the train.

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