UPSC 2022 AIR 1: Who is Ishita Kishore? Know all about the topper of UPSC 2022

UPSC 2022 AIR 1: Who is Ishita Kishore? Know all about the topper of UPSC 2022

Ishita Kishore, a Delhi University graduate, and daughter of a late Air Force officer, made history by securing the first rank in the UPSC civil services examination (CSE) 2022. This remarkable achievement comes after her third attempt at the prestigious examination. Ishita's success story is an inspiration to aspiring civil servants across the country.

Born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, Ishita currently resides in Greater Noida. She pursued her undergraduate degree in Economics (Hons) from Delhi University's esteemed Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC). Besides excelling academically, Ishita also showcased her talent in sports as a national-level football player. In 2012, she participated in the renowned Subroto Cup, further highlighting her diverse skill set and dedication.

Before venturing into the field of civil services, Ishita gained professional experience at the multinational firm Ernst & Young. Her exposure to the corporate world equipped her with valuable insights and skills that would undoubtedly contribute to her administrative career.

When asked about her study routine, Ishita revealed that she devoted eight to nine hours a day to her preparation for the UPSC examination. Her unwavering focus, sincerity, and consistent efforts paved the way for her success. Ishita emphasized the importance of perseverance and dedication for achieving desired results in civil services.

For Ishita, securing the first rank in the UPSC CSE 2022 was nothing short of a dream come true. In an interview with PTI, she expressed her joy and gratitude for the opportunity to serve her country. Ishita's ultimate goal as an aspiring IAS officer is to contribute to women's empowerment and the upliftment of neglected sections of society. She believes that civil services provide an excellent platform to make a meaningful impact and serve the nation.

Ishita has opted for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and expressed her preference for her home state, Uttar Pradesh, as her cadre. This decision showcases her deep-rooted connection to her roots and her eagerness to address the challenges and opportunities specific to her region.

Throughout her journey, Ishita received unwavering support and encouragement from her family. She expressed heartfelt gratitude to her loved ones for standing by her side during the first two attempts when she couldn't clear the civil service examination. Their constant motivation played a pivotal role in her success and instilled the confidence she needed to pursue her dreams.

It is noteworthy that the top four ranks in the UPSC CSE 2022 were all secured by women. Garima Lohia, a graduate from the University of Delhi, attained the second rank, while Uma Harathi N and Smriti Mishra secured the third and fourth ranks, respectively. This remarkable feat emphasizes the growing presence and impact of women in the civil services, breaking barriers and inspiring future generations.

Ishita Kishore's journey from a determined student to the UPSC 2022 AIR 1 showcases the power of perseverance, hard work, and dedication. Her achievement not only brings honor to her family but also serves as a beacon of hope for countless aspirants who strive to make a difference through civil services. With her passion for women empowerment and dedication to public service, Ishita Kishore is poised to contribute significantly to the development and progress of the nation as an IAS officer.

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