108 ambulance catches fire over Saraighat bridge

108 ambulance catches fire over Saraighat bridge

A GVK 108 ambulance caught fire over the Saraighat bridgeon Saturday night. According to reports, it was the ambulance of Bangshar civilhospital.

The driver noticed smoke coming out of the vehicle and immediatelystopped it over the bridge. He tried to douse the flames by taking waterbottles, but the fire soon engulfed the entire vehicle. Reportedly, there wasno patient in the vehicle.

The fire engines arrived immediately after the incidentto completely douse the fire. The exact reason behind the fire is yet to beascertained.

The GVK 108 ambulances have been in service in the Statefor the past several years. However, the incident has raised a question mark onthe quality of vehicles being used for emergency situations in the State.

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