143 Animals Killed in Kaziranga Flood

143 Animals Killed in Kaziranga Flood

While the annual monsoon floods in Assam claim hundreds of lives, damage crops, infrastructure, and assets, the animals too are not spared. These include the endangered rhinos in the world-famous Kaziranga National Park, home to more than 2,200 one-horned rhinos.

The flood in Kaziranga National Park (KNP) is still grim and another rhinoceros was killed on Thursday. A total of 16 rhinos have been killed till date in the Kaziranga flood.

However, a total of 143 animals were killed so far in Kaziranga.

Kaziranga National Park Director Karmashree P. Sivakumar said that other than the animals that were killed, 163 have been rescued, even as over 95 percent of the 884 sq km Kaziranga Park was submerged underwater. Even with the overall improvement in the flood situation in the state, 75 percent of the park area remained flooded.

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