3,204 Illegal Entrants Nabbed Along Indo-Bangladesh Border: BSF

3,204 Illegal Entrants Nabbed Along Indo-Bangladesh Border: BSF

The Border Security Force (BSF) on Friday said that 3,204 illegal entrants were nabbed in the Indian territory while the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) denied by claiming there was no infiltration into India from their side.

At the end of the 51st DG level talks (DLT) in Guwahati with the BGB, BSF Director General Rakesh Asthana addressed the media and said since September this year, the BSF has handed over 60 Bangladeshi nationals to its counterpart.

"When the nationalities were established and illegal entrants were found with no criminal background or activity, the BSF handed over those nationals to the BGB. Where the nationalities of the intruders with criminal record could not be established, they were handed over to the state police for further course of action," the BSF chief was quoted saying in an IANS report.

BGB Director General Maj Gen Md Shafeenul Islam retaliated, "No illegal infiltrations is going on from Bangladesh to India. The GDP growth of Bangladesh is on a rising trend and it has increased close to $2,300 dollars. Therefore, there is no reason to cross the border, be it for the job or any other reason".

"Recently, 25 fishermen from Bangladesh crossed over to Assam and subsequently the validity of their visa expired and the Indian authority sent them back to Bangladesh".

The BSF Chief also raised growing concerns over smuggling of various narcotics and cattle.

"Talking of narcotics, cough syrup, which is banned in Bangladesh, and methamphetamine tablets (also called Yaba tablets or party tablets containing a mix of methamphetamine and caffeine), which are smuggled from Myanmar, are the main contraband items along the borders," the BSF DG said.

He said that in the DG level Border Coordination Conference (BCC), the issue was discussed in depth and with all seriousness and it has been decided to intensify the vigil along the borders.

"Coordinated border patrolling along the borders would be further strengthened. Joint patrolling in the vulnerable areas in the night time would be conducted. We have also identified certain vulnerable areas where smuggling and cross-border activities took place," Asthana said.

The report stated that the BGB DG claimed from 2018 till December 18 this year, 86 Bangladeshi nationals were killed.

Asthana said that 10 people, including three civilians, were killed along the border in the recent past while 87 per cent of the killings took place dead in the night.

Asthana further added professional coordinations, various social and civic action programmes would be undertaken to further strengthen the tie between the forces and the people of the two countries.

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