452nd Tirubhav Tithi Observed With Great Devotion

452nd Tirubhav Tithi Observed With Great Devotion

The occasion of the 452nd death anniversary of Mahapurushh Shrimanta Shankardev, which is known as Tirubhav Tithi, has gripped the state of Assam with a sense of great devotion and religiosity.

Among various places of the state where the holy day has been observed in a fitting manner, two of the most important places associated with the life of the great 15th-16th century polymath and one of the greatest and most successful religious reformers and saints – Batadrava Than and Letekupukhuri – marked the day with great religious zeal and a deep sense of spirituality.

At Batadrava Than, the birth place of Mahapurush Shrimanta Shankardev, a special ceremony spanning two days named "Guru Kirtan" started on Wednesday. Believers from many places visited the religious place and developed a truly spiritual atmosphere through Naam-Kirtan and recitation of Bhagavata.

A similar atmosphere prevailed at LetekupukhurI, the birth place of Sri Madhavdev – one of the most loyal disciples of Srimanta Shankardev. Although limited in numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the worshippers and devotees created a peaceful and highly spiritual ambience through Naam-Kirtan and recitation of the verses from the Bhagavata.        

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