Politics of Books, BJP way

Politics of Books, BJP way

In Assam books are latest tool of politics and the BJP has launched two pronged politicking and it is largely surrounding a book fair.

Firstly, like the previous year BJP Government is determined not to allow privately run North East Book Fair to organize it. Secondly the Rs 6.10 crore announced to the colleges of Assam to buy books from last book fair was still not released.

The BJP feels that privately run North East Book Fair has severely harmed the govt. run Book fair and that is why like the last year, they have made sure that the venues were made unavailable to the organizers of the North East Book Fair.

The organizers of the North East Book fair cried foul and sought Chief Minister's Intervention while on the other hand Publication Board, the Chief Organizer of the Guwahati Book Fair, said that they had not done anything.

Meanwhile the Government have not yet released Rs 6.10 crores to the colleges of Assam, which the Colleges had spent for buying books for last book fair on the promise that it would be quickly reimbursed on the submission of bills.

This is noteworthy that as the tension between North East Book Fair and govt run Guwahati Book Fair escalated last year, the organisers of the NE Book fair boycotted the Govt. Run one and asked its members to stay away.

The Govt. also hit back by announcing Rs 2 lakh package to each govt aided colleges to buy book which led to a huge buying spree. Idea was to promote the Guwahati Book Fair, help colleges to strengthen their library, promote book market and also a lesson to those who not only boycotted the Guwahati Book Fair.

All colleges bought books and book worth more than Rs 6 crores were sold and few publishers who took part, defying the ban, made a killing. But the Colleges are yet to receive the money, even full 9 months after submitting the bill.

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