After day long drama, Assam CM on Sunday

After day long drama, Assam CM on Sunday

The next Chief Minister of Assam will be announced tomorrow following a legislature party meeting of the BJP at Guwahati.

The meeting has been convened at 1200 hours and all the newly elected MLAs have been asked to appear at 1100 hours.

If the BJP grapevines are to be believed the dice is in favour of Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma to be the next Chief Minister, after a daylong drama at New Delhi.

The drama begun this morning, when in a chartered flight, both Mr. Sarbanada Sonowal and Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma arrived at New Delhi and begun a series of meeting at Party President J P Nadda's house.

Home Minister Amit Shah, National organizing Secretary B L Santosh, Assam In Charge Vaijyanata Panda, Arun Singh and Narendra Sigh Tomar joined them.

There were three rounds of meeting in the whole day. First meeting was with Dr Sharma and then with Mr. Sonowal and lastly jointly with both.  What transpired inside the meeting was not known.

After the meeting Dr Sarma announced that all the questions regarding the Chief Minister would be known in the Sunday's legislature party meeting.

Meanwhile at Guwahati, State Party President Ranijt Dass, Organizing Secretary Phani Sarma and Speaker of the Assam Assembly Hitendra Nath Goswami overseen the meeting hall   at the Assam Assembly Premises where the MLAs would convene.

Towards the evening there were more drama at New Delhi as when the Sarma and Sonowal were reaching Airport they were called back again.  However there was no more meeting but all the four observers Mr. Santosh, Vaijyanta Panda, Mr Arun Singh and Narendra Singh Tomar took a lift in the chartered flight which is to take off at 2100 hours.

If all goes well, the oath taking will be held on Monday, full 8 days after the results were declared.

Assam bracing for two power centres

Whoever be the Chief Minister of Assam tomorrow, the state is bracing for two power centres in the next five years even as the BJP high command has made a desperate attempt to quell factionalism.

The day long dramatic development at BJP National President J P Nadda's house only reconfirms the huge problem of factionalism as both incumbent Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma dug in.

It was clear that high command was trying to stop factionalism but it was abundantly clear that whoever emerges as the next Chief Minister, Assam is going to have two power centres.

What was seen in the third term of Congress, is now hitting the BJP in the second term with the central characters of that drama remained same. That time also Himanta Biswa Sarma rocked the Congress boat and this time also he has given enough signals that he will rock the BJP vote.

As the latest information's telling that one of the two would be accommodated at Delhi but there were no guarantee of any ministry expansion in the foreseeable future due to the Covid.

Dr Sarma is targeting the Chief Ministership, which he things his rightful place as majority of the newly elected MLAs are with him.

On the other hand Sarbananda Sonowal is more popular amongst the people of Assam and favourite of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his low-key profile.

Whoever emerge as the next Chief Minister, development of Assam is going to suffer as there two highly visible camps within BJP in Assam.

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