AGP-BJP to meet secretly to discuss Panchayat Polls

AGP-BJP to meet secretly to discuss Panchayat Polls

With Panchayat Polls on the cards for Assam, there have been many questions as to who will contest the elections alone or who will go for a mutual understanding. AGP and BJP have not yet finally decided as to what their stand will be on this upcoming poll.

However, according to sources, AGP and BJP will secretly meet on Sunday for the final understanding of the poll. Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, President Ranjit Das and General Secretary of the party Dilip Saikia will represent the BJP party and AGP will be represented by the party President Keshav Mahanta. The meeting has been scheduled after 8:30 pm with the venue still unknown.

Reportedly, Atul Bora will stay away from the meet although he has secretly authorised the meeting. It may be noted here that there has been few within both the BJP and AGP who want an alliance. Within this pro-alliance group BJP's Atul Bora, AGP's Atul Bora and Keshav Mahanta are to be mentioned.

However, there is another faction, the 'anti-alliance', which does not support the mutual understanding. Prafulla Mahanta is one leader who is being counted under this faction.

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