Akhil Gogoi Arrested Again by Dibrugarh Police

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Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) chief Akhil Gogoi has been arrested again by Dibrugarh Police on Wednesday under Case no 289/19 registered against him at Chabua police station.

A hearing of the said case was due today at Sivasagar district jailthrough a video conferencing but he was arrested before the hearing.

Reacting on his arrest, the peasant leader said that his arrest is illegal as the police arrested him without an arrest warrant.

Talking to media, while being arrested, Gogoi urged the people of Assam to follow the Lockdown and said that the decision of the government to open the tea garden is a wrong decision. "The Assamese people can easily follow the lockdown as we obey the rules when we suffered from chicken-pox. And I have faith in people that they will follow the norms of the lockdown but the way police are assaulting the people in the name of violating the rules is not satisfactory. This is a conspiracy of the state government," said Akhil.

He also said that the state government should focus on the inmates ofjail and the tea garden workers as the spread of COVID-19 is very easy in boththese places.

Speaking on the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA),Gogoi said that his stand is still the same against CAA.

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