Amguri MLA Reveals Sensational Data On Drugs At Assembly Meeting

Amguri MLA Reveals Sensational Data On Drugs At Assembly Meeting
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Amguri MLA Prodip Hazarika revealed sensational data on Wednesday at the Assembly meeting in relation to the increasing drug rackets in Assam.

Following are the datas that the MLA revealed-

  • Drugs are coming from two parts to the state, Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent.
  • Myanmar, Laos and Thailand linking together forms the golden triangle.
  • Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq on the other hand, form the Golden Crescent.
  • There is a 'no man's land' between Myanmar and India where lives the terrorist organizations.
  • This area is not under the Myanmar administration. And around 15 terrorist organizations are working from this area.
  • These terrorist organizations that are in this 'no man's land' are related to the illegal drug dealing.
  • Some of the terrorist organizations have established drugs producing factories in the area wherefrom they supply drugs to parts of India and other European countries.
  • The largest market of illegal drugs in Northeast is called More in Northeast India and Tam in Myanmar.
  • These drugs come from More to Assam via Manipur and Nagaland from Indian border and from Tam in the Myanmar border.
  • This area which is under the terrorist organizations produce huge amount of narcotic from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • The areas that serve as a route for the illegal drug dealing are border areas of Punjab and Gujarat.
  • To solve the drug dealing issue we need to hold discussions with the neighbouring countries.

These data has been revealed by MLA Prodip Hazarika in the assembly meeting on Wednesday.

The MLA said that it's not only Coronavirus that has affected the country but drug peddling too.

He further thanked the government on thneir ongoing campaign against drugs that is going on in Assam.

He said that within just two months of newly formed government, arresting 3500 drug peddlers is not a small thing.

He also specially mentioned constable Barsingh Bay for his commendable job.

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