An-32: What a coincidence!

An-32: What a coincidence!

In an unusual incident or rather you can term it a coincidence that the date on which the wreckage of the IAF's An-32 Transport aircraft was found, that is on June 11, it is on the same day that another An-32 that went missing a decade ago, in 2009, was found.

One of the few differences that existed was that in 2009, the An-32 took off from Mechuka and was scheduled to land in Jorhat whereas in 2019, the An-32 took off from Jorhat and was supposed to land in Mechuka.

However, both the An-32s share more eerie coincidences, such as:

  • Both the aircraft went missing with 13 personnel on board
  • Both the An-32s went missing near Mechuka in West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh,

The similar dates on which the wreckage of both the aircraft were found and with more than one similarities have clouded the incident with mystery.

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