Another case of mob attack in Assam

Another case of mob attack in Assam

People taking up the law in their own hands have become a trend now in Assam and this trend is likely not to cease any sooner as another case of mob attack has come to light from the State's Mangaldoi district.

On Sunday, a man was brutally thrashed by locals of Mangaldoi's Dewna village on suspicion of being a cow lifter.

The man was mercilessly beaten up by the locals and was later tied to a cycle and was carried around the village, only if the blood lost and the serious injuries were not enough for the locals.

Cases of cows being lifted were going around the village for some time now but a tip off about the suspected thief outraged the villagers who decided to take the law in their hand and teach the man a lesson. He was chased for kilometers before he gave up and was left to the mercy of the locals, who did not end up showing any mercy.

The alleged thief was later rescued by Mangaldoi police as it looked evident that another half an hour and the man would have succumbed to the injuries or due to blood lost.

Cases of mob attack and mob lynching has increased in the past few years in Assam in the name of moral policing which has been a topic of great concern but to no avail. Does humanity allow us to take up the law in our hands and decide on whom to punish and whom to beat to death?

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