Another landslide in Tsangpo

Another landslide in Tsangpo

Another massive landslide has hit Tsangpo River. The incident has occurred at the same place as the last landslide had taken place on the river.

The landslide has blocked the water flow of the river. The incident occurred on October 29.

The government of China has informed the Indian government of the incident. Arunachal Pradesh government has already rung a warning. However, Chinese government has released water through Tsangpo after the barrier was created.

It may be noted that there are chances of the water level of Siang River to increase.

According to reports from the government of China, the amount of water released on October 29 is half the amount of water that had been released on October 19.

The water level of Siang in Tuting has decreased by 1.44 metres.

(Featured Image: South China Morning Post)

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