APDCL Faces Loss of Over Rs. 1000 Crore

APDCL Faces Loss of Over Rs. 1000 Crore

The Assam Power Distribution Company Limited said that it has faced loss of over Rs. 1000 crore on Friday.

The statement was passed during a press meet of the APDCL in the Bijuli Bhavan on July 2.

APDCL official, Bhaskar Jyoti Bora talked about some important issues regarding the power bills while addressing the media in the press meet.

The state has received a total of Rs. 12.11 crore power bills marking today.

Bhaskar Jyoti Bora informed that previously, 70 per cent of people did not pay their power bills. And 53 per cent people are yet to pay their power bills currently.

However, APDCL has seen a surge in power bill payments this time compared to the past.

"The demand for power bills was 513 crore this time and the amount received is 508 crore," said the APDCL officer.

Meanwhile, 611 complaints has been received on power theft, he informed.

He further said that the company had faced a loss of 1000 crore and a total of 2000 crore power bills is still left to be received.

"We have not been able to work well in the past due to the influence of the minister. Now we are getting enough moral support to work properly," Bhaskar Jyoti Bora added.

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