Asam Sahitya Sabha To Launch Digital Archive

Asam Sahitya Sabha To Launch Digital Archive

Asam Sahitya Sabha has signed an agreement on Tuesday with Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (Amtron) for creating a digital archive to preserve all the Assamese language's illustrious books and novels.

The agreement was signed in ASS's Guwahati office in the presence of its president Kuladhar Saikia, Amtron's managing director M.K.Yadav, members of Assam Sahitya Sabha and media personnel.

In a joint venture, Asam Sahitya Sabha and Amtron will preserve the rare handwritten books, magazines, manuscripts through digitalization.

Amtron will have to look into the optical character recognition (OCR), desktop publishing (DTP), scanning while publishing the books. After the digitization, the books will be available in the internet, which will bring benefit to the readers.

It may be stated that this project was embodied by the Sahitya Sabha's sub-committee of information technology.

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