Assam: 3 Tea Estates closed for COVID, a new front opens

Assam: 3 Tea Estates closed for COVID, a new front opens

At least three tea estates of Assam have been shut down and declared containment zone opening up a new front of COVID war amongst the tea labourers who traditionally have less immunity.

The three tea estates are Zaloni in Dibrugarh district, Borsapori in Golaghat district and Nilpur in Biswanath District.

The administration are deeply worried as labourers are traditionally anemic and have less immunity and COVID would create a harrowing situation as there are no health care facilities to handle the massive populace.

The worst is that the tea community is less educated and live in cramped condition and infection would be extremely easy amongst them and in less than a week whole of garden would be contaminated.

Hence the authorities are taking no chance and these three estates have been declared containment zone.

A total of 133 tea garden workers tested positive for COVID-19 till May 5 at Zaloni tea estate. However, 50 beneficiaries have been vaccinated till 5th May, according to a statement of the Office of the Assistant Labour Commissioner.

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