Assam: 5 Child Rape Cases Takes Place Everyday

Assam: 5 Child Rape Cases Takes Place Everyday
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The rape casesin Assam are rising at an alarming rate and it is not only the woman or girlbut also the children who become the victim of rape. It is surprising to knowthat 5 cases of child rape take place daily in the state.

Although thestrict punishment under life imprisonment act has been implemented the cases ofrape has not been reduced rather the cases are increasing day by day. Accordingto a government data, 904 cases of child rape has been registered in the lastsix months in the state and only 3 % of the cases, i.e. 23 cases have only beensolved till date.

Concerned aboutthe rising cases of child rape in the state, Supreme Court of India has filed asuo moto PIL against child rape in Assam as Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoiwas surprised on the number of cases that took place in the state.

During thehearing of the plea against child rape, it has come to light that 24, 212 childrape cases took place in the state in the last six months.

After the huge number of cases has come to light during the hearing, Assam police has started investigating into the incidents and submitted reports of 12, 231 cases as per the instruction of the Central Government.    

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