Assam all geared up for Uruka

Assam all geared up for Uruka

It is the Magh Bihu season and today is Uruka. The people of Assam with energy and enthusiasm are making the last minute preparations for tonight's feast to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Tomorrow will be marked as Bhogali Bihu, a harvesting festival marking the end of harvest. The festival is abundant with food.

People have gathered in fish markets, meat markets busy gathering items for the feast at night. People also are busy buying Chira (Flattened Rice), Doi (Yogurt), Gur (Jaggery) among others. In the city, people are also seen buying delicacies like Laru, Pitha although most prefer it home made.

Despite the skyrocketing prices of meat, fish, it has failed to stop people from making arrangements for the night.

A sight of rural setting which can now also be seen in urban set up is the makeshift huts, known as Meji and Bhelaghar. These structures are made from bamboo, leaves and thatch. Bhelaghar is the place where people enjoy the meal prepared for the feast, and then burn the huts the next morning.

Nowadays Bhelaghars of various sizes and shapes are seen being modelled into historical structures and monuments and some depicting important events.

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