Assam: Another Truck Accident On Kaliabhomora Bridge

Assam: Another Truck Accident On Kaliabhomora Bridge

In another accident on the Kaliabhomora Bridge in Assam's Sonitpur district within the space of a week, another truck broke through the railings reportedly on Thursday night. After the collision, it stayed suspended at the edge.

Unlike the incident on November 22, when another truck similarly broke through the railings and fell into the Brahmaputra river, in this case, it managed to remain suspended at the edge. The incident reportedly happened at around 1-2 am, late on Thursday night.

The helper of the truck is reportedly missing since the incident and there is no trace of him yet, informed the driver. He also said that they were travelling from Tinsukia.

On reaching the bridge, the steering of the truck was reportedly jammed due to which it collided with a freight-carrying vehicle after which rammed into the railings and remained suspended right at the edge.

The helper, identified as one Dilip Tassa, is thought to have jumped into the river after the collision. Meanwhile, two almost identical accidents at the same location have raised questions on the safety of driving at the bridge.

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