Assam: Bipin Singh Rawat Addresses 1st Ravi Kant Singh Memorial Lecture Series

Assam: Bipin Singh Rawat Addresses 1st Ravi Kant Singh Memorial Lecture Series

Assam Police organised the 1st Ravi Kant Singh Memorial Lecture Series at the Assam Administrative Staff College, Khanapara on Saturday, 23rd October on the topic- "Assam at crossroads- Geopolitical Events In Its Neighbourhood Impacting NorthEast India.

The lecture series event was graced by the presence of dignitaries like ADC Chief of Defense staff, General Bipin Singh Rawat, High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh, IFS Shri Vikram K Doraiswami who also gave their keynote address on the occasion.

Chief Secretary of Assam, IAS Jishnu Baruah felicitated ADC Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat with Fulam gamusa, seleng chador and mask (mukha) of lord Vishnu of Onkia naat as felicitation offerings.

DGP of Assam Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta felicitated High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh, IFS Shri Vikram K Doraiswami with mukha of lord Hanuman, seleng chador and a Fulam gamusa.

General Bipin Singh Rawat also presented a token of appreciation to Assam Police after the felicitation to the dignitaries after which a floral tribute had been presented to Late Ravi Kant Rawat.

Assam DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta shared his welcome speech where he gave an overview on the life and contributions of Late Ravi Kant Rawat who was a splendid police officer working in the Northeast part of India. DGP Mahanta further welcomed the family of Late Ravi Kant Singh and presented a token of appreciation to them.

The event had also been graced by the warm presence of Indian Army, Indian Airforce, members of Civil Society and academicians.

The Inaugural address was done by Chief Secretary Jishnu Baruah who gave an overview of the relationship of Northeast India with neighbouring countries like China and Myanmar. He also gave an overview on the history of Assam and the impact of the neighbouring countries since the ruling of the Ahom Dynasty.

General Bipin Rawat during his speech recalls the brave and courageous deeds of Late Ravi Kant Singh who laid his life for the safety and security of the country.

"He will always be remembered and never be forgotten," said Rawat.

Rawat in his speech said that Asian countries on the recent time are most rapidly growing and a large portion of the Indian economy is going to come from the Northeast part for India upto 2030.

Rawat said that the Napalese refugees from Bhutan has become an issue of serious concern over the years although Bhutan have addressed the issues and relationship with India over the years with positive approach.

Further, Bipin Singh Rawat also talked about how China has been investing rapidly on Myanmar in an attempt to reduce the Indian influence in the country. Since Northeast part of India is the closest to Myanmar, the relationship is critical and important for both the countries for the growth and development.

He further talks about how relationship with Nepal is important for India in several domains including Hydro power electricity generation, merchandise, medicines. He said that relationship with Nepal has been strong so far although there has been instances of disharmony due to lack of understanding about the rich cultural and historical ties among both the countries. However, Nepal has been hugely benefited by India and has an inverted remedance from India in terms of professionals, military personnel and their workers working in our country.

Speaking about China, Rawat said that China's aim of becoming the most powerful country globally has been making it extremely competitive with the other countries of Southeast Asia. China has been trying to have their grip the most in countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar while significant investing on countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives. With these countries, China do not aim to gain what they are looking from India, but to weaken India's strategic position.

Further, the Pakistan-China relationship continues to attack India, where Pakistan has been getting military help from China which has helped the country to capture a part of Jammu and Kashmir.

As far as Afghanistan is concerned, Rawat said that the taking over of Talibans in the country has made it a playground for great rivalry.

Addressing the media, ADC Chief of Defence staff Bipin Singh Rawat also said that he feels extremely lucky to meet family members and Daughter of Late Ravi Kant Singh, Dr. Nupur Singh and grace a memorial event of him in their presence sharing about Ravi Kant Singh's great deeds and contributions to the country.

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