Assam BJP MLA Criticizes NRC

Assam BJP MLA Criticizes NRC

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Devananda Hazarika has criticized theNational Register of Citizens' (NRC) on Thursday in the ongoing monsoon AssamAssembly session.

The issue of NRC has been discussed in the House under Section 301 ofthe House Code. Hazarika is doubtful whether the NRC will be a correct one ornot and if it will be published correctly, it will be a magnacarta for Assamand if the NRC will be wrong, then it will be a threat for the people of thestate.

Hazarika further stated that only 7 percent names of the borderdistricts have been excluded from the draft list. He said that the extension ofdates for publishing the final list and 20 percent sample verification arenecessary. He said that it is a matter of concern as to why the sampleverification has not been done.

On the other hand, Numal Momin of BJP said that only 5-7 percent of thenames from the border district have been excluded from draft list and that 18percent names of indigenous people have also been dropped from the list.

He said that the NRC should be correct and that no names of indigenouspeople should be dropped from the final list. "We are in doubt as MLA RamakantaDeuri's name has been excluded from the draft list. Doubtful citizens are involvedin the NRC work which is a matter of concern," said Momin.

Momin further stated that if the NRC would be published correctly thenit will be a model for other states as well who are also demanding NRC.

Moreover, former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi alleged that BJP neverwants NRC and that AGP-BJP has confessed themselves that they have failed topublish a correct NRC. He said that the NRC will be a totally waste paper andthat the Congress wants that whoever has been doubted should be examined.

Meanwhile, Hojai MLA Shiladitya Dev alleged that 8 percent of nameshave been dropped from Dhubri and Barpeta while 14 percent of names from KarbiAnglong has been excluded from the draft list. He said that this is a sheerconspiracy and that NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela delete the data wheneverthey pointed any mistake.

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