Assam doesn’t need CAB: Lurinjyoti Gogoi

Assam doesn’t need CAB: Lurinjyoti Gogoi

"Education and culture can never tend to go in two separate directions. A strong qualitative education system will strengthen the community life only when a comprehensive academic consciousness can be shaped in the society by elevating and integrating the educational and cultural trends. Qualitative education system is the main base for moulding a strong community, AASU President Dipanka Nath told on Saturday", organized as a part of the third-day programs of the AASU general meet held at Taburam Taid Samanway Kshetra with a four-day long program. It was chaired by Dr. Budhindra Baruah, retired principal of Dhemaji College.

The base of education in the real sense will be strong onlywhen the education system can be pushed forward by paying equal importance overqualification and education simultaneously. The unity among the contexts ofthoughts and actions keeping the true value of education is a vital force tobuild a strong society.

Moreover, General Secretary of AASU Lurinjyoti Gogoi told in his speech that, AASU will go to SC for the NHPC issue and also told that AASU will be led pre-planned protests across the state opposing CAB. We will not accept the CAB, which the central government is going to implement I Assam forcefully.

Moreover, he added, the appointments in railways must be reserved for the Assamese candidates and SEBA has to do some reformations in it.

On the other hand, the advisor of AASU Samujjal Bhattacharya said, "we are not happy with the NRC. The central government is completely failed to publish a flow less NRC. The Assam Accord was not implemented in the state in the last 34 years. Assam Accord is not at all responsible for it.

In addition to this symposium on the crucial subject matter,a series of academic competitions were organized on the day with a view toenhancing the intellectual and creative talent of the students. Prior to thesymposium and the competition events, the scheduled second delegate meeting,the organization was held with AASU president Dipanka Nath. A galaxy of notedartistes of the State performed cultural items in the Gopin Brahma memorialcultural function which was held in the evening.

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