Assam: Dr. Hiren Gohain Speaks on Various Issues of the State

Assam: Dr. Hiren Gohain Speaks on Various Issues of the State

Assam is in the grip of various issues and noted intellectual Dr. Hiren Gohain has raised concern about the issues through a press conference here in Guwahati.

Dr. Gohain while raising the issue of Hindu-Muslim politics said that this type of politics is an evil tradition in democracy. The Hindu-Muslim politics is a conspiracy of the cruel people and we have to stand united against this.

Dr. Gohain on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)

Speaking about CAA, Dr. Gohain said that the opposition has not been allowed to speak in the Assembly. The CAA has been implemented as a law with the help of power. The issue of CAA has never been and will never be finished. Expressing anger over CAA, Dr. Gohain said that at first a section of people raised issue against CAA and then they took stand for BJP. This type of movement will never be fruitful and this is the reason for which the movement against CAA was not successful.

Reaction over Assamese language in Barak Valley

Reacting on the Assamese banner that has been replaced by Bengali banners, Dr. Gohain said that a section of people always tried to bring division between Barak and Brahmaputra valley. This is not a new thing but we should remember that Pradip Dutta Rai is not an important personality and therefore it is not necessary to react on his statement. We even noticed that reaction poured in here also on some issues. We should remember that the Bengali language has an impact at Barak valley but we cannot ignore the Assamese language.

He further stated that at the time when the people are reacting much on issues like Hindu-Muslim, Barak-Brahmaputra, we are missing issues which are much more important.

In recent times, the unemployment has increased at a large scale but the people never raised any voice against such issues. The prices of medicines have increased three times higher but no is concerned about it.

The issues of unemployment, increase in price of medicines etc have been neglected and the people are more concerned about the Hindu-Muslim issue, Barak-Brahmaputra issue etc.

Dr. Gohain also reacted on the government's decision of withdrawing the language paper in APSC exam. It is a matter of concern that there won't be any Assamese question paper in APSC. The mother language has always been given importance in other states of the country but this type of decision by the government in Assam is very ridiculous.

The AASU, Sahitya Sabha is silent in these issues and this is the reason that the government is taking such type of decisions.

He further urged the people to stand united so that no evil power could destroy Assam and its culture.

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