Assam Empowers Police Station Officers to Delegate Investigation Duties

Assam Government Enhances Policing Mechanisms to Expedite Investigations and Ensure Law Enforcement Efficiency.
Assam Empowers Police Station Officers to Delegate Investigation Duties
Assam Empowers Police Station Officers to Delegate Investigation DutiesAssam Police Headquarters | File Image

In a significant development aimed at streamlining investigative processes within the state, the Governor of Assam has issued a notification, granting enhanced powers to the Officer-in-Charge of Police Stations under Section 157(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973. This move comes in the wake of deliberations held during the State Police Conference in July 2023 and a subsequent proposal submitted by the CID Headquarters, Assam.

According to the directive, the Officer-in-Charge of a Police Station is now authorized to assign investigation duties to designated subordinate officers. The prescribed criteria for such assignments are delineated in the notification as follows:

Assistant Sub-inspectors of Police (Unarmed Branch): These officers are empowered to investigate cases with a maximum punishment of up to seven years of imprisonment.

Lance Naik (Unarmed Branch), Naik (Unarmed Branch), and Head Constable (Unarmed Branch): Individuals with a minimum educational qualification of graduation and at least six years of experience in Police Service are eligible to investigate cases carrying a maximum punishment of up to three years of imprisonment.

To ensure the competency of designated officers, the Assam Police Headquarters (APHQ) will oversee the training programs. The Lachit Borphukan Police Academy Training Institute, among others, will be responsible for imparting training, conducting evaluations, and issuing "RESULT-CUM-QUALIFICATION" certificates to qualified officers. These certificates will serve as the primary basis for consideration by the Officer-in-Charge of Police Stations for delegating investigation duties.

Furthermore, the notification mandates periodic performance reviews of Investigation Officers (IOs) by APHQ. Every two years, non-performing or under-performing IOs may undergo refresher courses, while exemplary performers will be duly recognized.

APHQ, Assam, will submit biannual reports to the Government, detailing the number of Investigation Officers (IOs) deployed across districts. These reports will be based on four key indices: average monthly case registrations, IOs' strength in each district, average monthly case disposal rates, and the average time taken for investigation completion.

This proactive measure is expected to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal investigations across Assam, ensuring swift justice delivery and maintaining law and order in the state.

Assam Empowers Police Station Officers to Delegate Investigation Duties
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