Assam Government to Adopt New Language Policy for Schools


The Assam government on Thursday adopted a new language policy for schools to promote indigenous languages of the state.

The new policies to be adopted by the Assam government are:

  • The new languages will be implemented till Class 5
  • The new language policy will be started from the next academic year
  • The policy has been adopted by the Assam government for the students who have not received the facility to study in their mother language
  • For tea gardens, students will be taught in Sadri language and simultaneously Assamese will also be taught in the schools
  • To further strengthen the education in terms of indigenous languages, a student in Assamese medium school will have  1st language as Assamese, 2nd language as English and 3rd language which will include 50 marks Hindi and 50 marks for other indigenous languages of Assam
  • In Bodo Schools, the first language will change and the overall system will remain the same
  • In Bodo medium schools, the third language will be divided with Hindi and Assamese, i.e. the 1st language will be Bodo, 2nd language will be English and 3rd language will be Hindi and Assamese of 50 marks
  • If an Assamese students want to learn other tribal languages then they can study the languages whichever they want

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