Assam Govt & BJP goes offensive, takes KMSS head on

Assam Govt & BJP goes offensive, takes KMSS head on

Assam Government and ruling party BJP have taken the KMSS called Assam Bandh head on and made it a prestige issue to thwart the bandh call.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, himself took upon himself to lead the frontal counter attack as an important strategic meeting took place at his residence this afternoon to strategies the counter attack on bandh.

On the other hand the KMSS and 40 odd organisations including Congress dared the ruling party to thwart the bandh call.

Besides slew of regulation measures against the bandh, which included customary attendance in the office and cancellation of trade license for the traders, the BJP has also refreshed its media panelist as they would use the TV channel to attack the Bandh supporters.

The Bandh call was given by the KMSS and 40 other organizations against the Citizenship Bill. The AGP has confined its role to memorandum submitting and public rallies, while all eyes are on the All Assam Student Union(AASU) for its next move. The AASU is against the citizenship act but very cautious in their opposition.

Meanwhile the state is awaiting with bated breadth what would be the response in the state against the bandh call.

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