Assam Govt. Prevent Employees from Taking part in Anti-CAA stirs

Assam Govt. Prevent Employees from Taking part in Anti-CAA stirs

The BJP-led State government in Assam has warned itsemployees against criticizing the government, especially anything againstprotesting CAA. Director of the higher education G. Phukan on Monday issued anotification saying that the government servant shall not make any statement offact or opinion criticizing the government.

"If the government servant is found criticizing thegovernment, he/she will be held responsible for violation of Rule 3 and Rule 7of Assam Civil Service (Conduct) Rules 1965, which will attract the appropriateprovision of the Assam Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1964," Phukansaid.

Reportedly, last week, the elementary education department of the Assam government issued a similar notification warning permanent as well as contractual employees against indulging in political activities in different social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, etc.

The director of the elementary education department issued the notification last week saying that disciplinary action will be initiated against those employees for violation of Assam Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1964.

The warning and at a time when there is surging protests over the CAA in Assam other parts of the region against the BJP led government at the center and at the states. The protests over the CAA continued to rock the state with huge numbers of people taking to streets in different parts of the state every day.

Although the government had tried to contain the protests using different means like announcing one-time financial assistance to the artistes and publishing job vacancy list and inviting applications, the agitation is far from being contained so far.

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