Assam Govt To Prioritize Beneficiaries due for 2nd Dose of COVID Vaccine

Assam Govt To Prioritize Beneficiaries due for 2nd Dose of COVID Vaccine

Assam Health Minister Keshab Mahanta on Friday said that the state government would give top priority to the beneficiaries who are due for the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The health minister said that the instructions have been issued to the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts of the state to prioritize the second dose of vaccine to the beneficiaries.

"People who queue up at vaccination centers for second dose are to be given priority so as the schedule is maintained. DCs have been given instructions regarding the same," Mahanta said. 

Assam health minister Keshab Mahanta further informed that the State at present has a stock of 16 lakh vaccine doses as of Friday. 

"We have administered up to 3.5 lakh doses in a single day. We have the capacity to provide five lakh doses per day. But this depends on the supply," the Assam health minister said. 

Although the health minister claimed that Assam has available vaccine doses, an opposite scene has been witnessed in several vaccine centers as people are queuing to take their jabs but no vaccines are available in the centers. People have to return home without getting their jabs.

The question arises as if the state is receiving vaccines then why the people have to bother to get their doses. Is it the government or the representatives in the vaccination centers or the people who have given wrong information regarding the vaccine doses?

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