Assam: Important Highlights Of CM Speech In Today’s Budget Session

Assam: Important Highlights Of CM Speech In Today’s Budget Session

The budget session in Assam Assembly started as usual following the question and answer session maintaining the covid protocols on Tuesday.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma made some of the important points and announcement during his speech today. Here are the highlights of the CM speech in the budget session of Assam Assembly on Tuesday.

Important Highlights From CM on State Issues:

  • Tax collection of 10,39,000 crore GST in 2019-20
  • 5,000 crore collected GST in 2017
  • Money Prize Fair implemented in tea garden
  • Excise tax collection in 2020 is Rs 2200 crore
  • Price rise control is impossible unless it is self-reliant, says CM.
  • Assam is among the 5 states within the country in terms of covid control.
  • Assam lags behind due to population explosion, said CM
  • Assam has loan worth Rs 18,000 crore against assets worth Rs 3.50 lakh crore
  • People can now travel from Dibrugarh to Majuli by Mathauri but not Express Highway
  • Implementation of government schemes such as Pragyan Bharati, Assam Mala, Travel Charioteer etc.

Regarding Education and Students' Welfare:

  • Rs 45.48 crore open for student uniforms
  • Arunodoi Scheme money to increase to Rs 3,000 in phases
  • Students to get mobile as well as internet services free of cost
  • Mobile of 9th-10th standard students to be taken back after passing matriculation
  • Have done 5 medical colleges in the last 5 years
  • Plan to build 5 more medical colleges
  • We will give a total of 2 lakh jobs: CM
  • 1 lakh jobs to be provided in first 2 years
  • 1 lakh jobs to be given in next 3 years

Further, the Chief Minister had also made few statements against the opposition.

He said that the money has been divided according to the budget and all the proposals will be implemented too.

Comparing the new budget to that of the Congress, the CM said that if the budget of the Congress will be announced than it will reveal that not even 10 per cent of it has been implemented.

But the budget has increased to 80 per cent implementation since 2015, said CM Sarma.

18 out of 18 promises have been implemented by the BJP government, added CM.

CM Sarma also mocked the Congress party by asking them not to read the Sankalp Patra so much so they transfer themselves to the BJP party.

In concern with the population in the state, the CM said, "One section of teenagers in Assam is receiving scooty as awards while others are caressing babies in their lap."

He said that there are two Assam with Assam.

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