Assam leading India, media hasn’t realised yet: Vishal Dadlani

Assam leading India, media hasn’t realised yet: Vishal Dadlani

Amid raging protests over the amended Citizenship Act, Singer-composer Vishal Dadlani on Thursday reiterated his stand on Assam CAA movement saying "You are leading India, even if the mainstream media hasn't realised it yet. Joi Ai Axom, my friends!"

In a tweet, Dadlani said that "Assam, we hear you we see you, we stand as one with you. What you have been through with the failed NRC makes the entire Nations fight against CAA and NRC stronger".

Earlier, Dadlani posted a video on social media, where hequeries, "At a time when the economy is in doldrums, does it make sense? If youdo not have food in your houses, does it make sense to invite your neighborsfor a party?"

"Indian youths are not finding employment, and farmers arecommitting suicide en masse, why are bringing outsiders for vote bank? You aredistributing our limited resources." he said.

Adding that he does not have any issues with refugees,Dadlani says he is baffled at the timing of this legislation. "What are youthinking? What do you understand? Why are you misleading people? This does notmake sense."

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