Assam Paper Mill To be re-auctioned at a reduced price

Assam Paper Mill To be re-auctioned at a reduced price

The Assam Paper Mills are going for another round of re-auction at a reduced price of Rs 969 after the first round did not attract any bidders.

The liquidators of the Paper Mill have now fixed the price at Rs 969 crores from earlier Rs 1139 crores, a drop of Rs 170 crores. The fresh notification was issued by the court appointed liquidator yesterday and now the earnest money to bid for the Paper Mill is Rs 46 crores.

The attempt to auction the sick Paper Mills as scrap has become a political issue in Assam as all the political parties sans the BJP has demanded to stop it and the Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) has launched a massive signature campaign to stop the auction and revive the paper mills by the Government.

The agitating employees termed this action as a conspiracy to sell the paper mills at a throw-away price. The employees' body, the JACRU reveals that it is against the national interest to import papers from China, Indonesia, Bangladesh destroying own National Industries, Government should respect it's own policy related to ATMANIRVAR BHARAT & should discontinue importing Papers from China & other Countries to make them Atmanirvar China, Bangladesh etc at the Cost of destruction of own National interest.

"We confidently appeal Hon'ble CM to release Legitimate Salary & Statutory dues of workers on TOP MOST PRIORITY as per his commitment to protect lives of Rest alive Workers who are struggling for survival as 89 workers already died includes 4 of them committed Suicides due to nonpayment of Salary since last 54 months" said Ananda Bordoloi, General Secretary & Manobendra Chakraborty, President, JACRU, Nagaon & Cahar Paper Mills, Assam.

Assam Government has although repeatedly reassured the public and the employees that they would try to help them but literally they have washed their hand from these paper mills.

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