Assam Petroleum Mazdoor Union launches indefinite strike

Assam Petroleum Mazdoor Union launches indefinite strike

The Assam Petroleum Mazdoor Union (APMU) condemning the syndicate raj on petroleum products prevailing at the loading terminal located at Gulai in Digboi has launched an indefinite strike against the ordeal of the Gulai Association from August 13.

The indefinite strike has high chances of triggering scarcity of petrol, diesel and cooking gas in the entire northeastern region of India.

Earlier on August 10, APMU had alleged that a fake syndicate is being operated in the name of Gulai Association at the loading terminal located in Gulai, which had been reallocated from Tinsukia,.

Allegedly, the members of the association have been forcefully collecting Rs 200 from a single truck.

Moreover, the APMU further alleged that the Gulai Association has also been forcing the staffers of the trucks to purchase flame arrestor, helmet and uniforms from them which the staffers usually keep equipped with them.

In an official release, APMU said that anyone opposing the Association receives physical assault and warning of dire consequences.

Further, the release added that APMU had brought the issue, of the Gulai Association, to the knowledge of the State's Chief Secretary, IOCL authority, concern district administration and the police, however no action was taken. This indifference of the concerned authorities towards their grievances has led APMU to launch the indefinite strike.

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