Assam pilgrims trapped in Kedarnath calamity

Assam pilgrims trapped in Kedarnath calamity

A total of three pilgrims from Assam are said to have been remaining stranded at Kedarnath in Uttarakhand since a road leading to the Kedarnath temple is hit by a massive landslide.

According to reports, the people were on a visit to Uttarakhand, the most visited Kedarnath temple who are waiting to leave the state back. A huge boulder which came rolling from the mountain due to landslide had lead to the complete destruction of a bridge leading to Kedarnath Temple.

The destruction of the bridge had left a number of pilgrims stranded and they could not find any way to visit the temple.

"Now we are worried. But the local authorities are helping. We are waiting to leave,": said the victims.

The pilgrims from Assam who had to remain stranded have been identified as Pushpanjali Kalita of Tangla, Rituparna Roy of Guwahati and a child named Nishan Bhuyan.

Meanwhile, the Assam Government making preparations to bring back stranded pilgrims from Uttarakhand.

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