Assam police is working hard against Syndicates: Kuladhar Saikia

Assam police is working hard against Syndicates: Kuladhar Saikia

Coal, Supari, sand and illegal wine, drugs have been smuggled through the various regions of Assam for the last few days. Looking into these smuggling incidents the mass of the state becomes worried about it.

It becomes clear that such incidents had become a headache for the Assam police in these days. DGP Kuladhar Saikia has discussed such incidents running in the state, with the intellectuals, journalists and local organizations in Golaghat on Sunday.

During the meeting, DGP Kuladhar Saikia told, "In separate places, Assam police have been seized a huge number of smuggled woods, Supari laden trucks, sand-laden trucks, drugs, illegal wine since last few days. At the meeting he added, Assam police are working on it to finish such kinds of syndicates in each and every part of the state. The smugglers built their emperor of such business in the state but it is going to finish very soon."

Talking regarding the cybercrime and woman safety, he told some kind of violence against women and cybercrime also equally increasing in the state. So Police have been arranging kind of awareness programs for making aware the public in this regard.

Moreover, he added, drugs and cybercrime has been growing up in Golaghat and so he specially instructed the Superintendent of police of Gaolaghat and other police officials of the district to look into these matters carefully. It may be stated that the visit of DGP Kuladhar Saikia in Golaghat has really become significant to all.

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