Assam Sahitya Sabha to establish Assamese medium schools

Assam Sahitya Sabha to establish Assamese medium schools

In Assam, thousands of government schools have been closed due to lack of students and they are merged with the neighbouring schools while private sectors schools have become centre of attraction for guardians and students in Assam.

Meanwhile, Non-Governmental, literary organisation Assam Sahitya Sabha has taken a new decision to set up Assamese medium schools in across the state of Assam.

On Friday, Assam Sahitya Sabha had organized their steering committee's meeting in the premises of Dr. Mahendranath Baruah conference hall in Bhagwati Prasad Baruah bhaban. In this meeting, steering committee discussed various topics including the pathetic condition of Assamese medium schools.

To protect the mother tongue, steering committee came to a decision that under the patronage of Assam Sahitya Sabha, Jatiya Prak-prarthomik adorsho vidyalaya project would be taken. First and foremost, Sahitya Sabha will make a list of hundred places to establish the model schools.

Sahitya Sabha has planned to discuss with government of Assam regarding the endeavour soon.

As per press release of Assam Sahitya Sabha, if Sahitya Sabha get green signal from government, then they will carry out the project for the greater interest of Assam.

Sahitya Sabha released an email id to send feedback/ suggestions on the project Jatiya Prak-prarthomik adorsho vidyalaya

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