Assam: Scribe Sustains Severe Injury in Rhino Attack

Assam: Scribe Sustains Severe Injury in Rhino Attack

A video journalist was seriously injured after he was attacked by a rhino at Kaziranga on Tuesday. The video journalist Baskar Rajkhowa of a local news channel was attacked by the rhino when he was filming it that was taking refuse at the Hatikhuli Tea Estate.

The rhino had ventured out of the national park because of the flood as it has been completely submerged under water. The animals are taking shelter in the highlands.

Rajkhowa sustained serious injuries as the rhino got the better of him.

As the rhino charged towards him, he tried to flee, but the speeding rhino overpowered him and attacked him.

The injured video journalist was immediately rushed to the primary health centre at the tea estate.

Bhaskar Jyoti Rajkhowa of Prag News attacked by Rhino at Kaziranga

After administering first aid, he was then sent to Jorhat Medical College and Hospital (JMCH) for further treatment.

Rajkhowa hails from Koilakhat village of Bokakhat.

Meanwhile, Forest officials have rushed to the spot to investigate the matter.

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