Assam: Students’ Federation Demands To Scrap CAB

Assam: Students’ Federation Demands To Scrap CAB

The students' society has also come forwardto participate in the protest that erupts across the state against thecontentious Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).

After Cotton University students', the students of Swahid Peoli Phukan College of Namti in Gaurisagar, the students of different colleges and schools in Nagaon have also come forward to extend their support in protest against CAB.

The students of Peoli Phukan College have decided to submit a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding to scrap the bill immediately.

The students' also said that they won't accept CAB in any condition and threatened the government to withdraw the bill or else there will be a dangerous situation in Assam as the students' will stage massive protests against CAB.

On the other hand, students of Nagaon have also come to the streets to protest against CAB saying that CAB will not be accepted by the people of Assam.

Moreover, the Cottonians have staged massive protests in the university premises on Friday late night against Education Minister Siddhartha Bhattacharyya.

The protestors have also burnt the effigyof the minister as the minister had said that the students would not be able toparticipate in the protests against CAB.

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