Assam: Students of Govt. Schools in Dilemma

Assam: Students of Govt. Schools in Dilemma

At a time when the Assam Government talks aboutthe infrastructure of government schools in the state saying that the schoolsare much developed now but it seems that most of the schools still don't haveadequate infrastructure.

Most of the time, the government claims that theeducation sector in the state has developed in many ways but it is seen that ifsome schools don't have teachers, some even don't have students.

One such example of non-availability of infrastructure is the Polashguri Primary School in Gossaigaon where students' have to do their classes under the tree.  The school was provincialized in 2013 don't have classroom and there are only two teachers' against 51 students.

The parents alleged that as the schools don't haveenough classrooms, the students have to do their classes under the tree. Althoughthe concerned department has been informed about the poor infrastructure, nomeasures have been taken till date.   

In yet another incident, a student was brutallypunished by a teacher for not wearing ironed clothes in Karimganj. The incidenttook place at Roland Memorial High School. Although the corporal punishment hasbeen banned by the court but still this type of incidents often takes place inschools. The teacher punished the student of class V for not wearing ironedclothes. When the student said that he had ironed his clothes on Sunday andthat on Monday there was no current in their area for which he has not beenable to iron his clothes on Monday.

The student is now under observation in a hospitalat Karimganj and the parents of the student have also lodged an FIR against theteacher.

On the other hand, in 925 No Tipomia PrimarySchool in Sivasagar, students don't come to school as they are scared of ateacher who has an allegation of being a murderer. It was even after one monthof school which reopens after summer vacation that students have not come toschool due to the fear that their teacher will kill them.

The school Principal and the locals alleged thatone of the teachers Monu Gohain had served jail term for killing her maid andwhen the students' come to know about it they scared to come to school.

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