Assam: Women Perform “Corona Puja” To Get Rid of the Pandemic

Assam: Women Perform “Corona Puja” To Get Rid of the Pandemic

In a bid to get rid of the deadly disease ofcoronavirus, some women in Assam started worshipping the pandemic as a goddess.Earlier, similar puja was also done in Jharkhand.

The women in different districts performed the pujaby gathering in large numbers for the past few days. These women worshippedcoronavirus as a 'Goddess' or 'Corona Maa.'

According to the women, this is the only way to endthe COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

Inplaces like Biswanath Chariali and Darrang district and even in Guwahati,women, in some places accompanied by men too, have been performing 'Corona DeviPuja' on the bank of the rivers or in temples and under big trees.

In order to appease 'Corona Maa', some women inBiswanath district of northern Assam, kept day-long fast.

Theybelieve if the 'Corona God' is satisfied with their 'puja', COVID-19 would beeliminated.

In Jharkhand too, women gathered in large numbers along with puja materials like vermilion (sindoor), flowers, laddoos, and water in pots. The women sat under the trees and worshipped the Corona Maa.

Meanwhile, the Assam state health department, police, and Social Welfare departments along with NGOs are conducting awareness programmes against the COVID-19 pandemic and said that they will also create awareness programmes against such superstitious beliefs.

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