Assamese Short Film ‘Arranged 2’ Releases On YouTube

Assamese Short Film ‘Arranged 2’ Releases On YouTube

KC Digital Films is back with the second installment of its successful short film 'Arranged' that has altered the landscape of Assamese digital content in a year given the immensely gratifying response that the film continues to receive from audiences across the board.

Being a continuation of the most popular film on the channel, which has now crossed over 5.8 lakh views and 3 thousand comments on Youtube – 'Arranged 2' is a premium offering from KC Digital Films – wherein the sincerest of efforts have gone in to keep up with the towering benchmark that the first film has managed to create, with the hope of enthralling viewers in equal measure, if not more!

The KC Digital Films' journey began with a story as simple as it gets; one that brought to the fore – a newly married middle-aged couple, steeped in awkwardness and apprehension, as they navigated through life amidst the Covid – 19 lockdown – while uncannily discovering 'love' in the process.

As the beloved characters of Jayanta and Jurima – played by the ever soulful Ranjeev Lal Baruah and the epitome of gravitas, Dr. Lima Das – traverse through yet another heartwarming chapter in their journey – 'Arranged 2', humbly aspires to strike that same emotional chord that rang 'Oh so true' with its beloved audience. What's more promising is the inclusion of the talented and popular Assamese actor, Udayan Duwarah – who will be playing a crucial character in this edition of Arranged.

Assamese Actors Ranjeev Lal Baruah & Dr. Lima Das

Arranged 2 has been directed by National Award Winning Assamese director, Samujjal Kashyap and has been written by Harsh Siddhanta (who also plays the character of Choudhry in the film). The DOP for the film is Nagen Baishya, and the Editor is Gautam Mazumdar.

Music Direction for the film has been done by renowned musicians – Rupam Bhuyan and Rakesh Baro, while the final mix has been done by Nabarun Borah. The sound design and foley have been completed by Rex Media, Nabarun Borah, and Gautam Mazumdar, while the Makeup Artist for the film is Biswa Kalita.

Arranged 2 has been produced by Samujjal Kashyap and Harsh Siddhanta for KC Digital films; the Audio and Video production studio being Kadambari Creations.

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