Assamese students threatened at Assam University

Assamese students threatened at Assam University

Bengali radical activist and BJP member have asked Assamese Students to stay away from Assam University, if they continue to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

In a video message, he expressed surprise that Assamese students of the Assam University dared to raise voice against the CAB.

"You have come here to study, please continue to do that. Do not dare to enter into the politics. We have got the Assam University after lot of struggle and you can not oppose CAB from here" he said urging the Vice Chancellor of the AU to take action against the students.

This has shocked the people of Assam. Senior Lawyer Niloy Dutta asked the Chief Minister to rein in Mr Ray, who has a history of raising radical demands in support of Bengalis.

Mr Ray threatened that if the Students protest again then Assamese students would not be allowed entry into Assam University in future.

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