ATDC To Promote Health Tourism in Bangladesh: Jayanta Malla

ATDC To Promote Health Tourism in Bangladesh: Jayanta Malla

AssamTourism Development Corporation (ATDC) Chairman Jayanta Malla Baruah on Mondaysaid that the tourism department will move to Bangladesh to promote healthtourism as maximum tourists come from Bangladesh to India.

TheChairman said that ATDC is working for the betterment of the tourism sector andthat the budget for branding and publicity is Rs. 25crore.

Speaking to media persons, Baruah said that Priyanka Chopra had been the Brand Ambassador under this budget. He also said that the budget for publicity of Rajasthan is Rs. 250-300 crore but the same work has been done in Assam as well.

The Chairman, therefore, says that they will not accept anyone who says that the department has digested the money of the treasury.

He also said that tourism is for the rich only and that the revenue doesn't come from the poor and therefore, the roadshow will be held in hotels, not in footpath.

Talking about the increasing number of visitors in the Kamakhya temple in two years, the Chairman asked if that is not their success.

It may be mentioned that after Assam Tourism Department spent crores of rupees by signing Priyanka Chopra as the brand ambassador, the department's officials were spotted sightseeing with the taxpayers' money in the name of organising roadshows in Europe in the first week of November. Interestingly, Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) chairperson, Jayanta Mallah Baruah's wife was also seen accompanying the team of ATDC.

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