Attempt to sideline Mahanta fizzles out

Attempt to sideline Mahanta fizzles out

The AGP's attempt to checkmate and sideline its founder president Prafulla Kumar Mahanta fizzles out as party did not muster enough courage to go after him.

Mr Mahanta realising the plan attended the crucial Central Executive meeting and continued his stand with substances which did not give his opponent, despite having the numerical advantage.

The charges against Mr Mahanta that he was involved in the anti party activities as he openly opposed CAB and did not take part in the campaigning and also did not vote.

Mr Mahanta made it clear that opposing CAB was a party decision and he continues to abide by that. He accused that others in the party compromised with the party stand and had an alliance with the CAB.

As a face-saving measure, the AGP executives approved the formation of two separate committees, one for disciplinary action and another for an amendment to the Constitution of the party.

The constitution amendment committee is headed by senior AGP leader Keshab Mahanta and the party president to form a disciplinary committee.

The joint committee shall have 7 representatives from the party.

Majority of the AGP leaders are in the pro-BJP group while Mr Mahanta and a few others are opposing BJP. Expecting poor results in the General Election, the AGP through the meeting today sought to nip in the bud any rebellion that could come after the results are out. They are under the view that Mr Mahanta would lead the rebellion and sought to sideline him before the results. But that did not happen. The General Council of the party will sit tomorrow.

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