Axom Nagarik Samaj Appeals for Peace in Manipur

People in Manipur are utterly frustrated. They are suffering from a deep sense of insecurity
Axom Nagarik Samaj (File Image)
Axom Nagarik Samaj (File Image)

Axom Nagarik Samaj have come together to express their anguish at the continuing cycle of deaths and violence in Manipur and appeal to the state and all stakeholders for peace and calm. 

"We are greatly disturbed that our neighbouring state Manipur is in turmoil. The fratricidal violence has been continuing in the state for more than a month now. Already more than 100 people have died in the violence. Hundreds of houses have been burnt and damaged," they said in a statement.

"Thousands of people have fled their homes. People are being sheltered in more than 300 relief camps and they need humanitarian assistance from all the quarters. There is an atmosphere of overwhelming fear, despair and uncertainty in the state. The state has been reduced to a level of statelessness," the statement said.

"People in Manipur are utterly frustrated. They are suffering from a deep sense of insecurity. We are feeling sad at the extreme uncertainty prevailing in Manipur and our heart goes to the suffering people of the state. We firmly believe that violence can bring no solution to the present problem of Manipur," it said.

Indeed it will make it worse and only serve vested interests that do not want a solution. From afar we can only appeal earnestly to both the Meiteis and the Kukis to immediately shun violence and maintain calm and peace. Let us understand that mutual violence and hatred will take us nowhere.

It will only bring more misery and suffering to the people of both the communities. The violence must stop forthwith. Here the state and the central governments have an important role to play.

"Both the governments have to try and endeavour to create an atmosphere conducive for building peace. We are also bewildered why the honourable Prime Minister of India hasn’t uttered a word yet about the situation in Manipur and appeal for peace! He should intervene and help bring peace and normality to the state at the earliest," the statement further reads.

Axom Nagarik Samaj (File Image)
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