Baghjan ops put on hold for flood

Baghjan ops put on hold for flood

The wild well caping operation of Baghjan has been suspended for the second day on trot today as flood water have inundated all approaching road making it virtually impossible to reach the well.

Despuite the incleament weather, Alert experts and few engioneers of the oil india limited (OIL) today reached the spot and checked the perimeters.

Non-stop rain since since Thursday has inundated vast areas around the Baghjan well site as all approach road has been inundated forcing the authorities to abandon the mission of capping the well by July 15.

The Oil well on Sunday noon

Almost all the approach road have been inundated and because of that heavy machinery have not been operated. One of the barges is rocking under the influence of heavy water currents. Only security and fire personnel are at the site.

Meanwhile the BOP stack for well cap[ping operation reached the site yesterday. other equipment and materials could not be transferred due to flood water.

The Oil India Limited has kept the middle of the next week as the tentative period to cap the well but that is now out of bound.

Water pumping site inundated

The substructure over the burning well is being cut through Megna Bar and today it was supposed to have been completed but that has got completely halted due to the flooding.

Approach to the Well site

Meanwhile, the camp inmates of Baghjan are also facing hardship due to ongoing rain and they have been shifted to government bungalow, two kilometres away.. The camps are run by the local organisations as OIl have given per person Rs 500 as expenses. There are around 9000 people officially in the camp as Rs 45 lakh are being spent daily.

Alert members working round the clock

Many are actually staying in their house but the number have been remain same, said a source in the Tinsukia district administration. The local organization make all the arrangement for food and hygiene.

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