Baghjan wellhead isolated, capping in 2 days

Baghjan wellhead isolated, capping in 2 days

All the debris around the burning Baghjan 5 have been removed and this afternoon the wild wellhead has been isolated for the final capping operation which will start tomorrow.

Debris removal operation

Around the well head, there would be a nine foot deep trench  being dug before the actual capping starts which may take place in next 48 hours if weather holds on.

All arrangements have been made and the Alert experts have moved besides a crack team of the oilmen who is going to assist the Alert team in the final operation.

The top bosses are holding their breath and prating that weather do not play any more spoilsport as water has been receding since yesterday after completely flooding the area for two days.

A NatGeo team has specially flew in to shoot the entire process to make a two part documentary of the would well management and Baghjan was one of the biggest operation in India involving several agencies from IAF to Army to ONGC and District Administration.

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