Baihata: Madanpur Toll Plaza Creates Massive Traffic Chaos

Baihata: Madanpur Toll Plaza Creates Massive Traffic Chaos

The toll gate at Madanpur in Baihata Chariali has created problems from the very beginning and even after two months of opening the toll gate, protests continued to be erupted by AASU and other organizations demanding to close the toll plaza immediately.

The toll plaza at Madanpur has been set up without any proper planning for which the travelers have to face problem while passing through the area.

On Monday also, chaos erupted in the area as commuters faced massive traffic jam while passing through the toll gate and the passengers stuck in traffic jam for hours and hours.

Travelers also alleged that even ambulances are waiting for more than an hour in the toll plaza.

One of the commuters who travel to and fro from Guwahati and Baihata Chariali expressed anger over the newly constructed toll plaza without any proper planning. "I travel to and fro from Guwahati and Baihata on a daily basis as I am a Railway employee and have to face the same problem every day. We have to wait for hours while passing through the toll gate as thousands of cars halted to pay the tax," said Apurva Goswami while speaking to Pratidin Time.

He further stated that if this is the condition during the lockdown, then one can imagine when the lockdown will be withdrawn and both public and private transport will be on roads.

Moreover, charges are fixed at much higher rate for the vehicles for which it becomes a problem for general public to commute.

It may be mentioned that the toll plaza have been constructed even after repeated protests by AASU and other organizations.

A public hearing has been organized by Kamrup district administration keeping in view the rising demands of the organizations to close the toll gate. The public hearing was attended by Kamrup district police, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) along with other political and non-political organizations.

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